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My SON AND EX-WIFE went to a place where they felt safe from my ugly grasp on their soul

The last post my son and ex-wife left without leaving a letter to say goodbye. I didn’t find out where they went until a few weeks later to my shock they left me to go into a transition house for abuse women. I said what are you talking about, you weren’t abused by me. I never laid a hand on you or your son. This is outrageous, why did you do this to me “I said with anger in my voice” you are not being abused at all. She said the counselor told her that I was never to see them again, they were told not to talk to me or even say my name at the transitional housing were they stayed. I felt betrayal in my mind, but deep down Inside my guts they didn’t need me in there life anymore.i was a horrible person who was only thinking of himself. I was an absolute abuser in there eyes with no conscious or morals to speak of. This was my life to live without the understanding of who I really was inside this empty shell of a man. This story wasn’t even close to being over, there is so much more to tell. 

This story has to be told with a passion in my heart, to see the beginning click here to see more.