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Change Your Perception Change Your Outcomes - Stefan Neff

The Perception Of Others Is What Held Me Back From A Successful Relationship With My Wife

The Perception Of Others Is What Held Me Back From A Successful Relationship With My Wife

So this is how it went down in our house!! So many years ago, I would think I was right and she was wrong – well, that was my perception of how I thought the truth was, but on her side of the coin was something totally different.

I had only picked out what I wanted to see and was blinded by the real truth of the situation.

Why was I thinking this way?

I didn’t want to face what I was doing. I could only see the front side of the two-sided coin. Means there is always two sides to every story.

When I looked at my life from my eyes today I can see what and how I was thinking, WOW what a close-minded MAN I was — My thoughts were on the protection of my self bride and NOT on the real truth.
The event in life lead to – “THOUGHTS” that lead to “FEELINGS” follows how we “BEHAVE” = “OUTCOMES”

This formula of life is the freedom that I needed to release my perception of the events that happened in my life…

Why is this formula so powerful to use to create change in life? Well, now I can understand where my feelings are coming from and I can solve the major problems that occur in my life today!!

YES, the situation does pop-up time to time that causes me to have perception issues. Then new habit on problem-solving springs into action and with practice, patience and persistence come relief after a few minutes…
What are you doing to solve your issues that pop into your life?

What are you doing to fix your perceptions of the events that are causing you problems in your relationships?

Would you use this FORMULA “E-T-F-B=O” “EVENTS – THOUGHTS – FEELINGS – BEHAVIOURS = OUTCOMES” to fix your problems in your relationships???

If you want to know how this formula works and how to implement into your life when the problem occurs then we can work together in finding the right path towards your happiness today…

Do You Have The Courage To Perceive Life In A New LIGHT??

You can contact us via email at stefanneff53@gmail.com or text me at 778-551-0419 to find out more about creating happiness in your relationship with yourself and others…


I found a solution to get out from my toxic relationship 4000 miles from home…

The story is unraveling Beneath my feet 4000 miles from home. As the day became shorter to its end, I decided to lie my way out of the toxic relationship that I was in. My next move was to figure out how to tell the perfect lie. So this is what I did, I told my toxic wife that my older son 4000 miles away was in the hospital and I need to be with him because he was calling for me to come. There was some truth to it but only some, then I told her that I was going to prepare myself to move to were I was most uncomfortable 4000 miles away. This was a full out lie to get out of jail card that I used that I thought was a great solution at that time haha to them I said to myself. As I was leaving to get onto the airplane there was a sinking feeling in my gut, wow I am really doing this for relief, what a terrible thing to do why am I such a looser I thought.

What happen before this story began find out in the previous post click here to find out what was so painful in my toxic relationship that I decided to jump ship and swim home.

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