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September 18-20, 2020 Costa Mesa, CA


Your life could be so much more than it is now.

Your work could be more meaningful and rewarding. Your relationships could be more fulfilling. Your bank account balance could be bigger. Your life could be more exciting. Your goals could be more ambitious – and more often achieved.

But something is stopping you from making it happen. 

Maybe you think it’s lack of time, money, or luck. Or maybe you think you don’t have what it takes to create the life of your dreams.

But you already have everything you need to make your most ambitious dreams a reality. All you need to do is open yourself to it.

And you will learn how to do just that — in a single powerful weekend with Jack Canfield!

September 18-20, 2020

Costa Mesa, CA

November 13-15, 2020

Washington, D.C.

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How to Reject Rejection With Jack Canfield

All of us experience rejection at some point in our lives, but rejection does not equal failure. If you can approach rejection as a positive learning experience, you can harness the power of rejection and use it to propel yourself toward even higher levels of success.

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Jack Canfield In Arizona With Stefan Oskar Neff

Jack Canfield In Arizona


How to Transform Your Life and Career

The 7 Pillars of True Life Transformation with Jack Canfield – America’s #1 Success Coach

  • Overcome Obstacles – How to quickly remove the blocks, fears, and uncertainty in yourself and others (plus, how to make a handsome living while doing it)
  • How to Become a Transformational Trainer – How to be a more positive influence by teaching, training, and transforming people… even if you have no previous experience
  • The Canfield Training Methodology – How to use my proven system to speak to all dimensions of a person’s being… earning you instant respect and love in the process

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Jack Canfield With Stefan Oskar Neff

5 Tips for Successful Parents |With Jack Canfield #1 Success Coach In United States



For children to be successful, they must first be given the tools and habits that they need to benefit from the advice and words of wisdom from their parents. These tips will give you the guidance that you need to help your children be more successful in their current and future endeavors. Download the first 2 chapters of my bestselling book, The Success Principles, by clicking the link above!

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-Sept. 20th: Newark, NJ 

-Sept. 24th: Atlanta, GA

-Oct. 28th: Salt Lake City, UT

Living in family with a teenager that wants to be left alone!!!

As parents we can remember when we were teenagers right! Well then why do we…

Still want to control our teenagers with words of wisdom that our parents taught to us that has been stored in our subconscious mind since we were children ourselves.

Do you think it worked on us when we were teenagers using control to create happiness in our life.

Look back when we were growing up, we want to be respected, we wanted freedom of growth in our time as teenagers “right”.

Well then why do we think that we can control our children with strong words of wisdom.

If you are controlling your teenagers do think it works?

Do you think they are truly happy being controlled by parents?

Do you think by controlling your kids they will turn out better than we did or the same path that we were lead to believe is the right path to go on.

There will be a time in our teenagers lives were they don’t want be around us at anytime as they grow up until they turn into adults.

These can be turmoil in a family life as we watch our teenagers grow up as we did.

These pain points are ourselves that we don’t want to see within our own children.

To hard to watch our children struggle in there lives ours for this our pain points that have been stored in our subconscious since we were children.

How do delete these feeling in our lives today. See our pains, heal our pains within our little inner child!!!

Our Fourteen Year Old Sons Dreams Made A Difference In Our Life…

This Morning My Wife And I Looked Upon The Sky Wondering Who Are We As Parents

Yesterday our fourteen year old son came home from a friends house crying with tears running down his cheeks, wanting to talk about his feelings that where within his thoughts.

These where feelings that were brought up by his friends life.

We asked what is wrong, why are you crying, what happened!

These feeling that he had were pains that had been bottled up inside his mind since he was a young boy.

He wanted to talk to his mother in there own language, that was Japanese.

My son was so filled with fear about his friends life he wanted to tell us all about how he felt within himself.

As parents we can feel for our child’s thoughts, but can we truly understand how he felt?

As parents we want to keep our children safe from pains that we can see, but how do we understand there pains that we can’t see.

I believe that this is one of the most important things to know as parents is how to understand our child’s thoughts hiding behind there eyes!!!