6 - Day Business Survival Masterclass

FREE 6 – Day Business Survival Masterclass

If you are struggling in this time of uncertainty with your business, whether it’s boom or bust, be sure to check out this FREE masterclass Colin Sprake is offering! I’ve taken his program in the past which was key to starting our successful business. I took his free Week 1 of this program & was blown away by his candid view of the way things are right now. He has amazing guest speakers like Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul & more!

Feel free to share – it’s the best gift you can give any business owner!

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Special Guests Including:

  1. SHARK – Kevin Harrington.
  2. Jack Canfield – Chicken Soup – Co-Author.
  3. Michael Losier – Law of Attraction.
  4. Phil Town – Rule 1 Investing – Warren Buffet Strategies in these times!
  5. Leslie Blodgett – Founder of Bare Minerals Make-up (sold for 2.2 Billion).
  6. Eric Edmeades – Founder of Wildfit.