Living in the future as we saw the past fall apart beneath our feet…

As we live in the previous state of mind that is the subconscious mind is becoming the past thought that are coming true in our lives today.

As I step forward in my life there’s always something new happening everyday in my life.

To be the best is to say that you can to go back in time to get a new feeling like the stars that gaze down upon us all.

This looking for something that you lost from your life that is missing.

The future holds no truth yet because it hasn’t happened for this is your present as the subconscious mind can tell you what was your past.

The future will be shipped to you when a happening is in front of your words and actions, for this will be your future as it unfolds beneath your feet.

The words and your actions are truth within your thoughts that are the universes way of saying here it comes without knowing it’s coming.

When it is shipped to you there will be a greater understanding when you know why it is being shipped to you, for this is the universe working absolute no filtering, what the universe knows is only what you say and what you are doing in your life in the present!