Living in family with a teenager that wants to be left alone!!!

As parents we can remember when we were teenagers right! Well then why do we…

Still want to control our teenagers with words of wisdom that our parents taught to us that has been stored in our subconscious mind since we were children ourselves.

Do you think it worked on us when we were teenagers using control to create happiness in our life.

Look back when we were growing up, we want to be respected, we wanted freedom of growth in our time as teenagers “right”.

Well then why do we think that we can control our children with strong words of wisdom.

If you are controlling your teenagers do think it works?

Do you think they are truly happy being controlled by parents?

Do you think by controlling your kids they will turn out better than we did or the same path that we were lead to believe is the right path to go on.

There will be a time in our teenagers lives were they don’t want be around us at anytime as they grow up until they turn into adults.

These can be turmoil in a family life as we watch our teenagers grow up as we did.

These pain points are ourselves that we don’t want to see within our own children.

To hard to watch our children struggle in there lives ours for this our pain points that have been stored in our subconscious since we were children.

How do delete these feeling in our lives today. See our pains, heal our pains within our little inner child!!!