There is a word that we use in our lives and that is “STRESS” What is stress?

The dictionary says it is pressure or tension on a material object or a state of mental or emotional strain on our minds and or bodies.

People say at times with emphasis “I AM SO STRESS OUT RIGHT NOW” why do we let stress get the better of us because we allow it to effect us in a negative way by just saying the I am stress out load.

We only think what we believe it to be true in life. If you believe you are stress out then you will.

This is the “LAW OF THE UNIVERSE” what you think is what happens in your life.

Learn from yourself what stresses you out and create a method that can clear your mind of all the stressful setpoints in your life.

For example go for a walk and see what is in front of you not what is following you and weighing you down.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in one of your happiness places that you can create with your imagination.

These are tools that we have built into our makeup of our subconscious mind.