Thinking about my past life many years ago! How I hurt my wife & son with my mean words…

I was living my life for only me this was…

A few years ago I was living in a mountain of fear that was closing around me every moment I breathed as if it was my last.

I was stuck in the mud with my tires spinning faster and faster as I got upset with the world.

The only way I knew how to express my feeling was to get mad at the ones closest to me.

There was one day when I came home and my wife was cooking speghitti for me and she had put in so many vegetables in the sauce, told her that what a waste of a good meal can’t you do anything right.

Before I knew it we were fighting like cats and dogs she told me to get out of the house and don’t ever come back.

I walked outside and got in my car and sped off as the tires where screeching like a wild man with pain, all I could think of was alcohol on my mind.

Yes I am free to do what ever I want tonight, I don’t have to come back to house of hell anymore.

This was a pattern that seemed to be almost every week for us.

I thought that she was saying this for vengeance towards my character every time.

The next few day we would ignore each other for many reasons.

The main reason was we didn’t know how to deal with our problems.