In yesterday’s post I was so happy to become my sons soccer coach.

  1. As time went on in our life our relationship was becoming much better with our son enjoying life as he new it now. His first year playing soccer was so fun and he was learning how to play the game of soccer. Before winter was about to start and no soccer to be played he wanted to go and see his grandmother and auntie 4000 miles away. We said yes of course you can but we aren’t able to go with you because of the immigration paper we were waiting for. So we decided to make arrangements for a friend to travel with our son. He was so happy to be going home again even though we weren’t able too see him again for a month, but this was a great opportunity for our relationship to get stronger. We sent him on his way with some apprehension in our hearts, but we know it was the right thing to do. As a week went by, my wife was getting lonely without her son in the house. I tried to comfort her with as much joy as I knew how to. New Year’s Eve was fast approaching and had a great evening planned for us without our son in the house so far away from the beginning of the new year about to happen. I bought so alcohol for both of us with magical night to look forward too, ringing in the new year. We had a nice dinner I made with a lot of alcohol involved as well. She started to get drunk and we went to bed but not to sleep. As we were having intimate relationship between us “SHE STOPPED BREATHING AND WAS DEAD” I started CPR IMMEDIATELY with no success. I started to panic and was screaming at her WAKE UP WAKE UP YOU ARE NOT DYING NOW. I WILL BE BACK TOMORROW WITH THIS INCREDIBLE STORY OF LOVE HATE AND INTREPID FEELING TOWARDS LIFE.