Why don’t we accepted our pains as truth about ourselves 

In our lives we have situations that require acceptance every moment in our lives. There are day’s that we might misplace our keys, wallets and lose our jobs. There are times that we need to accept deeper situations like our relationships are falling apart or a friend, family member are dying or even have had passes away. Do we accepted these painful feelings in our lives. Often it takes time to fully accept these feelings of loss in life. There are moments that we don’t want to accept because we are unable to let go of these feelings that we have. Most of these types of feelings are deep emotional and painful feelings to really accept at the moment that it first happened. Why don’t we accept this in our life because we want to strong show no weakness. We are afraid that people might find out what we are thinking inside our souls. We as a society want to hide our true feelings deep within, not allowing others to see what is inside our minds. When we start accepting our true feelings in life many of our pains will disappear with the understanding of who we really are and create true happiness within us is the foundation of the healing process of life. There will be clarity in our thoughts that will transform our reality into happiness in the future and free us of pains that overcome our belief system.Be true to ones self begin to understand that we can accept the truth in this world.
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