How people escape from reality

The human mind is an extraordinary device. Just as it can help you solve your life problems it can also backfire against you and ruin your life if you used it incorrectly.
Sam was an ambitious boy who wanted to become a famous singer. During his teen hood he kept practicing singing for 3 hours each day without ever feeling bored. Each day his dream of becoming a famous singer became bigger until his talent was rejectedby the people who had the power to make him famous.
Sam realized that his dream was lost but it was so hard for his mind to admit that fact. Because of the embarrassing situation Sam’s mind was facing it had to help him find a way to feel good and this is where it came with a brilliant yet really dangerous plan.
Sam suddenly found himself interested in spirituality for a reason that he didn’t understand. Soon he started becoming attached to beliefs such as: real happiness can be found in mediation, achievements in the material world can bring no real happiness and there is no meaning in striving for something in the external world if everything can be fixed through the inner world.