The truth about the world we live in and how to overcome our fears

When we feel alone

Feeling alone our tears falling down our cheeks, we want to hide our tears from other eyes that are upon us feeling every emotion that is coming through our soul.
Why do I feel so afraid that those eyes will judge us looking upon us as being a small tiny bug that people can step on. I wanted to be left alone so people couldn’t hurt me, it was easier to be alone there was no judgment of me that’s how I felt. Did I want to be truly alone “NO” did I want to left alone “NO” I want many people around me so I could feel alive. When I am alone there was a empty feeling in my soul. I would cry out with the pain that I was with in, see me please see me, I am alone please be my friend please love me for than I am not alone.
Feeling alone is a fear that we all experience in life one time or another. These life experiences are important for all of us to learn that loneliness is a fear that can be changed or overcome.

By Stefan Neff