Life coaching

Take care of each moment and you will take care of all time Buddha.
How to develop spirituality.something greater than ourselves God supreme it will be energy. set of beliefs based on dogma. Morality is a discussion of right and wrong.
Ways to get in touch with your spiritual self.
Meditation: concept of breathing.
Music dancing and singing: alter our state of consciousness.
Nature: find a peaceful surrounding that speaks to you.
Worship and praying:
Are secular lives need to division reason for its values election service of commitment offered by the spiritual suitability. Thomas more
Why it is important.
Awareness: to be aware means the ability to open yourself up to all possibilities life has to offer.

Life becomes meaningful.
Just because you are alive breathing and living moving through life doesn’t not mean you are living you mean meaningful life.
Do you like Coach Bruce the quality of one’s life without meaning and purpose in life is hollow and empty.

Reactions rather than actions learned to cope with life by the time we were five some of us as though we were five.
Clarify the reason behind purpose.

I want to be a doctor why?
To help people why?
To better their life Why?
Like coaching is all about asking questions.
Each of us has a unique purpose in life when we discover that purpose and ally our lives with it we have found meaning to life having found meaning we are on our way to finding joy.

What are some ways that you can develop or improve spirituality in your own life and or suggest a good life for all that surrounds you.